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      Distance Under Door Frame
      Schweiss: 3" Distance under the hydraulic door frame
         •  More Clearance
         •  Allows for shifts in concrete
      2" Distance under the hydraulic door frame
         •  We offer Choices
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        Brand Z:
        2" Distance under the hydraulic door frame
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      Top Cylinder Plate
      Schweiss: Solid piece of metal - pure strength.
      The entire weight of the hydraulic door relies on the Top Cylinder Plate to provide adequate strength to support the weight of your hydraulic door in all positions. Schweiss does not skimp on materials and design.
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        Brand Z:
        Assortment of different size lightweight metal pieces that need to be welded together to gather the strength.
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      Adjustment Plate
      Schweiss: Has an adjustable plate.

      When building errors occur:
         •  We can make adjustments.

      Building's hydraulic door opening sizes are off:
         •  Allows you to make adjustments.

      Building columns have movement / twisting:
         •  Puts stress on the cylinders.

      You are able to make corrections to align
      the cylinders for longer life.
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        Brand Z:
        •  Fixed cylinder attachment
      •  Permanent/premounted
      •  Allows no adjustment
      •  Cylinders will bow when opening
      To Learn More About Hydraulic Doors Click Here
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      Hydraulic Cylinders
      Schweiss: •  Cylinders are the most important component on your hydraulic door!

      •  The cylinders hold your door in all positions they must be built strong.

      •  Insides are cast iron / steel components (not aluminum).

      •  Cylinder tube & rods are sized larger to hold the door weights.

      •  Stops inside of cylinder to keep the cylinder from overextending.

      •  Industrial rated cylinder seal kits - best on the market!
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        Brand Z:
        •  Smaller cylinders
      •  Smaller tube sizes
      •  Smaller rod sizes

      Standard seal kits attached to aluminum components.
      Reason for aluminum parts?
         •  Cheaper
         •  To cut costs
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      Remote Operated Hydraulic Door
      Schweiss: Constant hold button gives you control at all times.
      1 Step - A simple touch of the button lets you
                      open/close/stop your hydraulic door at any height.
                      When door stops, motor shuts off automatically.

      The motor automatically stops when you take your finger off the control station.
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        Brand Z:
        It's a two step process:
      1st      Hold the button to open the hydraulic door
                 Caution: Don't forget to turn the pump off

      2nd     Must activate a button to turn the pump off.
                  Pump motor does not turn off automatically!
                  Cheaper way to wire your remote controls!!!
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      Safety: What keeps the door from falling...
      Schweiss: If a hose breaks...
          •  Hydraulic door locks up... Safety built-in.
          •  Schweiss uses a velocity fuse - Stops the hydraulic door.
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        Brand Z:
        If a hose breaks...
          •  Door will come down in 30 seconds...Not too safe
          •  Door will wipe out anything in its path of travel!
      To Learn More About Hydraulic Doors Click Here
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      Hydraulic Pump
      Schweiss: Industrial-Rated Hydraulic Pump
      Quiet Opening Hydraulic Pump
      Wall Mountable / Floor Mountable
      Oil Filters - External - Standard
           Easy to service - Longer pump
           life guarantees many cycles.
           Best money can buy!
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        Brand Z:
            •  Smaller in size
          •  Plastic jug oil reservoir
          •  Produces an annoying high pitch squeal when operating
          •  Oil filters - not included because it costs more?
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      Electrical System
      Schweiss: Superior
          •  Wired with top notch components
          •  Wired for all the whistle and bells
          •  Low voltage control station is standard
          •  Motors are factory wired with high starting torque
          •  All electrical motors are fused and overload protected
          •  Emergency disconnect included

      A simple touch of the button lets you open/close/stop your door at any height
      When door stops/ motor shuts off automatically!
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        Brand Z:
        Minimal components
          •  Wired enough to just get by!
          •  Makes "add ons" almost impossible
          •  Requires spending large amounts of money
             for electrical components to add upgrade
             equipment at a later date.
      To Learn More About Hydraulic Doors Click Here


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